Maria La Del Barrio Taping Visits (January 2012)

"Patuloy ang Pangarap!" Last January, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the set of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Soap, Maria La Del Barrio. :)

Actually, I’ve been visiting the set for the past 5 months already, and now I am more persistent to be with them ‘coz I’ve got tons of friends there (celebrities & from the production staff) plus, they’re down to the last few taping days. Awwww, sadness. :(

Week 1

My first taping visit for this year! It was oh-so-darn cold at the location! :)) Freezing! @___@ It was late at night na when we were able to make kwentuhan with Chong. :) And finally, I was able to give out my Christmas gift for Jewel, a cute Baby Panda Bear stuff toy named Cuddle Muffin! I’m happy that she loved it! :P

I wasn’t really into photo-op that night, but Chong was making pilit. :) Nahiya naman ako, he’s the one telling me pa na paphoto. :)))))

I loved the photo of me with Jewel Mische, Alyanna and Enchong! <3

Week 2

The location was inside a hotel. Awwww, no sun, no wind. :)) It was really nice making kwento with Enchong, Ate Franz and my OED friends: Michiko, Anna, Cheeky & Crysthal. :D 

Well I got to have photos with the other MLDB cast as well! :D It was very nice of Erich Gonzales (Maria Fernandez) to entertain us even though she was really busy. Aaron Villaflor (Vladimir Dela Vega) stayed with us for a bit to make kwentuhan. Cutie pie Alyanna Angeles was all over the place! She was very hyper during that night! :))) Oh and I love how she calls me Kuya Empee and then gives me a kiss. <3

Dang, I’ve got only one solo photo with Chong -____- But I guess among all the taping visits that I’ve been to, this was the longest time we were able to talk to Chong. :) We spent hours just talking and talking. :) Reminisced the past like, the old famous songs, cartoons. :)))) And woooot! Another trophy to be added to his ever-growing collection of awards. :P Proud of you Chong! <3 :-bd

Jewel, as always, was very accomodating! She even ate the cake that I gave to her in front of me, and sat with us on the floor. I can feel she’s got a lot to tell to, and that when you’re with her, there wouldn’t be any dull moment. :) Glad to have a celebrity friend like her. :D

Week 3

One hyper set visit! And it’s all thanks to Jane Oineza. Bro! Shocks. You’re hyper-ness was kinda infectious! I haven’t felt like a kid for a loooooooooong time, so thanks for bringing that back to me. <3 :)))) I enjoyed her company, so did Ate Honnie, Michiko & Jane. :) We got to talk a lot of things, and yes, laughed out loud to the point that we’d get reprimanded by the production peeps. :)))))

Aaron Villaflor usually goes to our tamabayan in the location, and makes kulitan din with us. :) Alyanna! <3 Such a cutie pie. I just loved how comfortable she gets when I’m there. I remember one time, I was standing then she said “Kuya Empee, will you carry me?” Then when I carried her, she gave me a hug and a kiss! Isn’t she adorable???? I love this kid! :D Jewel was a bit busy today, but that didn’t stopped her from giving some of her time to us. :) I showed her this old magazine feature of hers. We got to make kwentuhan for a bit. I’ve just got so much nice things to tell about this girl. :D Sweet. :)

Enchong Dee was the busiest among them all! >:)) I didn’t get to talk to him that much because there were other OED peeps there too, and I didn’t want to hog all the chonggo moments. :))) We enjoyed eating the chicken and mojos that we brought. It was nice of him to spare some of his time for us. :D

Week 4

Okay, so this was the last visit I had for this month. :) It was pretty quick lang, but memorable for me. I had to leave early ‘coz I got classes the next day. 

A few minutes before I was about to leave was my Jewel moment. :D She wanted to read the magazine that I brought, but yun nga, I have to leave early. I showed her my graduation photo and asked if she could have a copy. (Of course you can!) :P She opted to get it the next time I visit so that I can write pa a short message for her. Such a nice person! :) Hihihihihi. I’ve never seen her wacky side ‘till this night. Every time I visit the taping, there would be something new that I would know about her. Awwwww. :) Quick it may be, but I enjoyed her company. (What’s new?) :)) Kwela moments! :-bd

Though he was really busy during this night, he was still able to chat with us even for just a while. He was more than welcome to entertain requests (video greet, autographs, etc.). I brought him his favorite milk tea and showed him another antique memorabilia of him. :P Gosh, inaaway ako ni Chong! LMAO! >:)))))) 

Chong, I promise. HINDI KO SUSUNUGIN! :’(

Well that’s pretty much about everything! To sum it all up, JANUARY 2012 was a great month for me! I’m thankful to have people like them in my life. Ifeel so blessed. This is just the start! More and more moments to come! :D

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